About ARAS

ARAS – Association of Czech Film Directors, Screenwriters and Script Editors is an exclusive organization of Czech professional film and television directors, screenwriters, and script editors. Its members are dedicated to the advancement of their respective fields, creative excellence, freedom, and upholding the positive values of a democratic society. Recognizing their potential to shape public opinion, ARAS members are committed to maintaining a high level of social responsibility in their work and public engagements.


The primary goals of ARAS include:

  • Strengthening and safeguarding the social, legal, and financial conditions for creators in film, television, and other audiovisual productions.
  • Providing expert guidance, support, and legal protection to its members in labor and copyright law.
  • Representing the interests of its members through negotiations with other professional associations, organizations, public authorities, funds, etc.
  • Offering input on relevant legal regulations pertaining to the audiovisual field and cooperating with other legal entities and individuals in the preparation of amendments.
  • Supporting the artistic development and professional training of its members.
  • Nurturing emerging directors, screenwriters, and script editors.
  • Assisting in the organization of festivals, shows, congresses, seminars, conferences, and other related activities.
  • Collaborating with international organizations with similar focuses.
  • Presenting the annual ARAS Prize for an outstanding medium-length debut.

The proceedings of ARAS are governed by its statutes and are continuously overseen and guided by a nine-member Board, which elects a Chairman and two Vice-Chairman from among its members. A General Assembly of ARAS is convened at least once a year, which all members are welcome to attend.


ARAS Prize

The prize is announced and presented by ARAS once a year and is awarded in a single category – debut works exceeding 30 minutes in duration. Any ARAS member may nominate a work that was created in the previous year (except for works by ARAS Board members). The award is presented at the ARAS Evening in the autumn of each year. The creator of the small figurative sculpture „The Muse of Filmmakers“ is the academic sculptor Šárka Radová.


Members of the ARAS council:

  • Marta Nováková – Chairwoman
  • Alena Derzsiová – First Vice-Chairwoman
  • Radim Špaček – Second Vice-Chairman
  • Vojtěch Filčev
  • Dan Wlodarczyk
  • Vít Janeček
  • Roman Kopřivík
  • Andrea Culková
  • Tereza Vejvodová



How to become a member of ARAS?

Any director, screenwriter, or script editor working in the field of audiovisual production in the Czech Republic can become a member of ARAS by obtaining the endorsement of at least three ARAS members and receiving approval from the ARAS Board. The application form (available in the documents section) should be accompanied by a CV, including a filmography. For further information, please contact us at

List of members

ARAS Membership Application


What ARAS membership offers:

  • Opportunity to participate in important processes e.g. legislative processes – commenting on laws, nomination of people to the Cinematography Fund, Czech TV and Czech Radio Councils, grant committees of the Ministry of Culture, etc.
  • Actively improve the audiovisual environment in the Czech Republic.
  • Using good contacts with the program management of Czech TV, TV Nova and TV Prima – sharing demand for specific formats.
  • Using good relations with other professional associations in the field – Audiovisual Producers´ Association, Actors Association, Czech Society of Cinematographers, Czech Association of Film Editors, FITES…
  • Sample of creator contracts for directors and screenwriters + manual on how to navigate the contracts.
  • Lectures and seminars on various topics related to the development and production of a film or TV show.
  • Discounts on selected events organized by affiliated organizations (workshops)
  • Film industry passes with discounted or free admission to most domestic film festivals.
  • Arranging affordable legal consultation in the field of copyright law
  • Discount on screenings from ARAS SCREENINGS and ARAS PROVOCATION at Edison Filmhub.
  • Significant discounts to over 10 selected theatres.



ARAS – Association of Czech Film Directors, Screenwriters and Script Editors
Karlovo nám. 285/19
120 00 Praha 2
IČ 70969841

Bank account: 26735021/0100 (Komerční banka)

Zuzana Martincová – secretary
phone: +420 608 415 116

Marta Nováková – Chairwoman

ARAS Council

Follow us at:




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